Employee & Volunteer Name Badges

Click on the button below to access the NAME BADGE ORDER FORM for:

  • New employees
  • Volunteers
  • Replacement badges for existing employees

Special Regis Badges

The following special badges may be ordered by facility staff directly using the Regis Facilities Order Form below:

  • Dining Room Champion
  • Dignity and Wellness Champion
  • Health and Safety Representative

Reusable Blank Badges

Reusable blank badges like the one pictured below have been supplied to all Regis facilities. These badges are for temporary use only. Use the form below to generate inserts for these badges.

Should your facility require additional reusable blank badges please contact with your request.

Match Up reusable blank badge with magnetic fastener (mR696m)

Inserts for Reusable Blank Badges

Use the form below to quickly prepare properly formatted inserts for the temporary Regis name badge.


If you are encountering issues with this site, or need assistance with any aspect of the name badge ordering process please get in touch immediately. You can call us on 1300 995 281, or send a message via our contact page: CONTACT